Please Forgive Me Father

Praise God, that you feel the burden of your sins and that you feel the desire to repent! Be glad at this: your soul is not dead, your heart is not empty and your conscience is not numb or your sins would not weigh on you.

So it’s time to give it up! Whatever has happened, has happened. God lives to forgive. Any sins up to this very moment have been cast into the Sea of Forgetfulness once you turned them over to God. There are no “same sins” with God. They are erased. The slate is clean and you start fresh.

Relax in that. God is not looking at you and holding your past against you. He sees you through the loving and forgiving eyes of Jesus. The second you relied on Jesus, the power of forgiveness was granted.

Each time you turn to Him, it’s granted. Each time you turn to Him, you’ll see less of your sin and more of God.

May you know the depth and breadth of His peace and love.



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